March 23, 2008

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Words fail!

March 22, 2008

Msafara has been blessed by all of those who gave of their time to ensure its success.  Without the help of so many Msafara would never have accomplished its purpose.  How can we ever say thank you?

How do we say thank you for hours of hard work put in by  volunteers working tirelessly in the days leading up to Msafara?

How do we say thank you to the volunteers who spent a whole night packing IDP packs just to make sure they reached their destination on time?

How do we say thank you to those who arranged transport, lodging and food as we traveled? Or to those who ensured that all the logistics were worked out by the time the Wasafiri arrived at each new location?

How do we say thank you to the Pastors who came in support of the effort?  What about their congregations for releasing them to do their part in restoring peace to our country?

How do we say thank you to the Bishops who gave freely of their time and resources?  Who modeled humility, peace and reconciliation by their words and deeds?

How do we  say thank you for those who put aside their lives for 10 days to travel throughout Kenya and minister hope to those in IDP camps?

Words fail!  There are no words beautiful enough to say express our gratitude and appreciation.  Thank you just isn’t enough.

Msafara Secretariat says ‘THANK YOU’

March 20, 2008

to those who travelled throughout Kenya for 10 days:Aaron Mururi, Abel O Kamara, Abisagi Stuji, Agnes Kipingor, Alfred Angasa, Anastasia Ngugi, Andrew Ranja, Angela Gachoka, Angela Luchaha, Ann Kirii, Ann Muthioni, Ann Njoki, Anne A Ososo, Anne Muthoni, Anne Nzisa, Annie Wakibia, Anthony Macharia, Ben Korir, Benson Sumbi, Bethwel Kiprotich, Betty Luthutsa, Beverly Hazel Bkiire, Beverly Mlale, Bishop Githii, Bishop J.B. Masinde, Bishop Likavu, Bishop Malema, Bishop Njiri, Bishop Paul Onyango, Captain Shi, Carol Wambui, Carolyne Chemeii, Catherine Ngugi, Catherine Njoki, Catherine Njoroge 1, Catherine Njoroge 2, Charles Kalenda, Charles Obara, Charles Otieno, Charles Wathika, Christine Gathigia, Christine Mwihaki, Christine Thiong’o, Cornelia Stücklin, Crispus Nzano, Dan, Dan Omondi, Daniel Flechsig, Daniel Kamau, Daniel Mwango, David Kabivu, David M kamanda, David Mbirio, David Mwangi, David Waweru, Diana K Muatha, Dorcas Wanjiku, Dr Chuck French, Dr J.K Mutiso, Duncan Juma, Eliza Kiratu, Elizabeth Mutsami, Elma Achieng, Emmanuel Kivogo, Enosh Muyugah, Eric Ocholla, Esther Kimani, Esther Muchendu, Eudiah Odhiambo, Eunice Njeri, Evelyn Wanjiru, Faith Ndungu, Faustin Malu, Felix Musyoka, Felix Wandera, Fidelis Gathoni, Fiona Kahugi, Florence Kinjua, Florence Kivuva, Florence Onyango, Fred Omondi, Fred Wati, Fredrick Musembi, Galdys Muyela Olukusi, Gedion Kadu, Geoffrey Were, George Kirangi, Gertrude G Kiai, Gibson Anduvate, Grace Konchella, Grace Njeri, Grace Wachera Mwangi, Harriet Ndirangu, Hellen Karanja, Henry Cheptoo, Henry Okungu, Hesbon Gillphyne, Hezron Wacira, Ida Njoroge, Ingerbo, Isaac Agura, Ishmael Egala, Jacinta, Jacinta Makokha, Jackeline Kalumu, Jacky Kalumu, James Mutua, James Gichuru, James Kamau, James Kamwenji Muriuki, James N Waithaka, James Osano, Jane Ogot, Jane Kiula, Jane Mwangi, Jane Wathome, Janice Muchai, Japheth Sumbi, Japheth Waititwa, Jennifer Muriuki, Jimmy Eddy, Joan waweru, Joe Samson, Joelle Magana, John Abbok, John Hinga, John Mbugua, John Njukia, John Ochieng, John Odonde, John Wala, Joram Wachira, Joseph Kariuki, Joseph Ombogo, Joshua Kagenyi, Joshua Oyaya, Josphat Ngugi, Joy Liyosi, Joy Mindo, Joyce Kuria, Joyce Mwendwa, Judith Adipo, Judy N. Githogori, Judy Njuguna, Juliet Asiko, Julius Kithome, Karen Nekesa, Ken Oloo, Ken Otieno, Kennedy Muoki, Kenyatta Otieno, Kevin Ogoro, Kevin Opiyo, Lancey Muthoni Gachanja, Leah Nyaguthii, Lenah Ochieng, Lilian Pieltjes, Linda Alouch, Livingstone Irungu, Maitine Mwaniki, Marcy Muriithi, Margaret Kamanda, Margaret Kamuma, Marion Mwangi, Martin Mwariri, Mary Bore, Mary Kamau, Mary Kimbui, Mary Mumbi W, Maryanne Muli, Maryanne Thairu, Mathew Abbot, Mathews Mwalwa, Mbuthia, Michael Ziki, Monica Mbugua, Moses Kinuthia, Moses Mathenge, Moses Mbugua, Moses Peter Mbuyi, Mshindi Mutana, Musimbi Ondeko, Mutai Nyaga, Mwangangi, Nancy Flechsig, Nancy Gaciru, Naomi Njuguna, Nellier Kigondu, Nevea Liigo, Nicodemus Ochieng, Nilman Ongadi, Njeri Njuguna, Njeri Wamai, Mrs. Njiri, Nyawa Murinzi, Obadiah Mwando, Otae Eric, Owino Owano, Owour Millicent, Partick Viyerah, Pasor Jan Ryder, Pastor Arati, Pastor Bob Kikuyu, Pastor Boniface Githumbi, Pastor Charles Ng’ang’a, Pastor David Githugu, Pastor Dodzweit Achero, Pastor Douglas, Pastor Florence Mbengei, Pastor Francis Njunguna, Pastor Geofrey Were, Pastor George Odeng, Pastor Gowi, Pastor Israel, Pastor James Okumu, Pastor Jane Ochieng, Pastor Joseph Kariuki, Pastor Judy Kaikai, Pastor Kabibi, Pastor Ken Kamau, Pastor Kitoto, Pastor Maina, Pastor Muriithi, Pastor Mwaura, Pastor Nashon G Wanjala, Pastor Ngari, Pastor Oscar Muriu, Pastor Patrick Kuchio, Pastor Patrick Murunga, Pastor Peter Angose, Pastor Peter Iregi, Pastor Peter Njenga, Pastor Rona, Pastor Rose Rugendu, Pastor Simon Mbevi, Pastor Stephen Ngungi, Pastor Triza Kimani, Pastors Charles Ng’ang’a, Patricia Wagongo, Paul Gichuhi, Paul Nzimbi, Paul Odeng, Pearl Asila, Peris Agutu, Peter Kalii, Peter Kegode, Peter Kiambati, Peter Kiarie, Peter Kingoli, Peter Mbote, Peter Njuguna, Peterson Lukenya, Peterson Muchiri, Phillis Muthoni, Phoebe Ngumi, Pst Evans Saisi, Pst Frances Njagi, Pst Hannah Mbugua, Pst Henry Ngumbi, Pst Jacob Mumu, Pst John Mugo, Pst John Musyoka, Pst Julius Gitari, Pst Jusper Shultz, Pst Justus M Mutinda, Pst Kuria, Pst Maureen Waiyiku, Pst Naftali Otieno, Pst Shadrack Sakwa, Pst Zipporah Rumbui, Rahab Gichana, Redenter Okode, Regina Kinyau, Regina Kirima, Rev. Jackson Mbuthia, Richard Kirimo, Rick Slingluff, Rose Kariuki, Roselyn Njeri, Rupert Gichohi, Ruth Kinuthia, Ruth Wambui, Ruth Wanja, Sam Kamau, Sam Mwaka, Sambo Oscar, Sameul Muchembe, Sammy Nderitu, Samuel Githinji, Samuel Mwau, Samuel Njiguna Githomi, Sarah Elizabeth Clark, Sarah Mukuhi, Sebastian Stuchuath, Security Aps, Serah Mukuli, Shadrack Kiragu, Shem Mudonga, Sherry Wesunga, Silas Oula, Stella Ndiho, Stephen Bolten, Stephen Mugaisi, Stephen Omari, Stephen Safo, Steve G, Tabitha Akech, Teresia Kimani, Timothy Mwenda, Tina Oloo, Tobias Muck, Tom Ongwangwa, Tonnee W, Tony Kiamah, Tony Mungai, Veronica Karanja, Victor Ochieng, Wairimu Karuri, Wamuyu Gatheru, Wandia Kivindyo, Washington O Sienya, William Oloo, Willy Wankumbani, Winnie Mweni, Wondi Meneh Ketseh

2,000 pieces of Vaseline

March 20, 2008

VaselineJust watching news everyday and seeing how my fellow Kenyans were suffering used to break my heart. My biggest question always was, “Is there anything else I can do?” I had donated money and clothes but still felt I had fallen short. A small voice would tell me, “You could have been among the IDPs if it were not for grace”

First, our mission director at Mamlaka shared about Msafara. Then I came home on a Wednesday evening early enough to catch Njungush and Pastor Oscar discussing Msafara on air, I was drawn by Oscar’s passion. But what did it was the gift packs. When many people sms’ed and asked how they could help, Pastor Oscar explained about the gift packs and the item that caught me in all the packs was ‘Vaseline.’ Vaseline, Vaseline, Vaseline in all women, men and children’s pack. By then my heart was racing. I knew that at last this was my chance to do something more. Though as a company [Unilever] we had donated 70M shillings to WFP for the IDP’s in Kenya, I knew we could still do more especially since through our Tea Estates in Kericho, we knew firsthand the effects of the clashes.

Immediately, I wrote an SMS to our East African director, a born again believer, with whom I have both an official and personal relationship. I just asked him if he thought that there was a chance we could get involved by donating one of our products, Vaseline. He replied, “Talk to the Brand manager and then we will discuss”. I couldn’t wait for the night to end and the next day I was at the desk of Vaseline brand manager and she said “Cool, let me think about it”

I prayed for favour and in the afternoon, she asked me what size we want and approximately how many cases. I had not thought of that, so I just asked for 100g and as many cases as she could afford. Immediately she called the factory, got 30 cases (each case has 72 pieces) worth a total of 140,000/= kept aside for Msafara.

What God had done in a span of less than 12 hours, left me at a loss for words. Msafara had more than 2,000 pieces of Vaseline for donation to the IDP’s. We agreed with the secretariat on how to pick it and from then… The rest is history!

What has Msafara accomplished?

March 17, 2008

Pastor M. writes:

Time will judge just how effective the Msafara was in impacting Kenya’s destiny. And off course reports will be written and audits done. However, from my limited perspective and off the top of my head, several results of the Msafara seem evident…

300 Kenyans have had a chance to visit and interact with the situation on the ground firsthand. They were able to see the extent of the country’s devastation for themselves. They learnt to care for the displaced. They were forced to deal with their own prejudices and to relate closely to people of other tribes. Each of these belongs to a faith community and will return to it with a message of unity and hope. Especially powerful because many who came are the leaders of their churches…

There was heartfelt reconciliation and a resulting unity among church leaders in the various towns we visited. Many leaders confessed that by taking sides in the political events, they had reduced their ability to care for all the communities they were responsible to care for. By repenting of this short-sightedness and committing to work with leaders of other tribes, they now model the way for the churches they lead to maintain peace in their areas and to care for those affected by the violence. And for church leaders to conduct themselves differently come the next election. There is great power for good when the church is united. For instance, we were informed after we left of an initiative by church pastors in Naivasha to ensure that the communities evicted from their town could return safely.

Many churches are caring for displaced people who are housed by their members. Because these people don’t live in the camps, they are ‘under the radar’ so to speak, and little support is going to the needy families caring for them. By delivering food and humanitarian supplies to the pastor’s fellowships in the various towns, Msafara opened up new distribution channels that take care and support to many of the most needy. The Red Cross has done a great job, but they can only do so much. We hope these channels will continue to be used by different agencies that are looking for alternative relief distribution channels

The hardest to quantify may be the most significant. In each town, united church leaders were able to engage in prayer together over their communities. The bible teaches us that God answers prayers that are prayed in humility, unity and repentance. In 2Chronicles, God promises,

‘If my people who are called by my name will humble themselves and pray, if they seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven and forgive their sins and heal their land’.

I can’t wait to see the healing and turning around of our nation that will happen as God begins to answer the prayers that we prayed together!

P.S. Grateful that all the Nairobi wasafiri arrived safely home this afternoon.


March 17, 2008

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God Bless Kenya

March 17, 2008

Beloved Praying Brethren,
Greetings in Jesus name – the name that is above all names.
Beloved, is it a coincident that Msafara came to a close on Palm Sunday in the city of Kisumu? I believe nobody planned it that way, but that the Lord Himself designed it to be so. We would have been here the weekend before, but see what God has done!

Kisumu has been very exciting to say the least. Saturday morning we had a wonderful time of prayer, bringing repentance for all that we did as Kenyans and more so that the church the part it played in the run up to the general elections last year.

The presence of the Lord was pulpable. It was moving to see so many church fathers from around the country gathered together in unity of purpose and that to reclaim the soul of Kenya for the Lord Jesus Christ.

The best part of that prayer service was when a bishop from central Kenya stood up and called a bishop from Luo Nyanza and both extended repentance to each other over what the communities did to one another soon after the elections of December last year. This was so moving that most people just wept. Kenya is healed!!!!!

Sunday afternoon we came together for a time of celebration of the victory of the Lord.

Brethren, its been awesome.

God Bless Kenya

God Bless you for standing with the Msafara.

Please pray that as we pull out of Kisumu this morning the Lord would send angels to accompany us as we go back to our homes, work stations.

Pray that none of the Msafara team would suffer any loss.

Thank you for being there.

Together until Kenya is out of the woods,

Pst Israel.